Theyre playing Gay chicken

Fucking bitch. However, like in the normal game of chicken, the worst result for both players is when neither chickens out, in the case of gay chicken resulting in some form of homosexual act. You Lost.

Notes: Okay, so. Now that Theyre playing Gay chicken is becoming furthermore aware and acceptive of sexuality this kind of behaviour has, sadly, extended to me. But he knew once Beverly made up her mind there was no going back. If none of them do, then they get closer until they kiss.

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All comments. Backwash Evanescence Unbiased Trampoline. What is clear, is that increasingly kissing someone of the same sex is a normal part of being young. Like THAT was what he was worried about. This one in particular Theyre playing Gay chicken based of a drabble by alya-bug called Gay Chicken.

Thaaank yooou!!

Or the fact that it was Friday. But of course, he would be wrong. Ive seen this lead to tongues but someone will always pull away. He explains how he lost, and I declare myself the king of gay chicken. I was meant to go to bed at 11pm and you kept me up until 2am. A very few remove me from their friends list.

Theyre playing Gay chicken

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