Eugene Lee Yang Is Making the Internet More Gay

Sure, he could use our obsession with the cult of internet celebrity to give "I'm Gay" an initial push, a reason for people to watch, something for his millions of followers and subscribers to talk about. I realized I wasn't giving [my fans] as much as I could.

Yang advocates for equality, [4] representation and diversity in his projects, [7] [8] tackling racial issue surrounding Asian American identity [12] and the lack of interest in casting Asian American men as audiences are exposed to desexualized secondary roles or comedic sidekicks.

For many Asian-Americans, otherness is something we've been conditioned to co-opt as a formative identity. June 20, Eugene Lee Yang Is Making the Internet More Gay I never had full-fledged ownership of my identity until I graduated college, because I was so informed by all these external Eugene Lee Yang Is Making the Internet More Gay that were so oppressive.

At this point, we begin talking about his time in media as a producer for BuzzFeed — as a content creator who was forced to embody the quintessential millennial affect of upbeat candor — and occupying this platform at a time when media decided diversity was profitable.

And while they tackled everything from becoming bald to UFC fighting, some of their most infamous videos were the ones in which the Guys did drag, donned high heels, or wedding dresses — tasks designed to push straight, white, heteronormative men outside of their comfort zone. However, when Yang was 13, his parents divorced.

He refers back to when he "first started doing videos about my Asianness" and "pimping out the right jokes from my perspective about my identity" — something embodied by Eugene Lee Yang Is Making the Internet More Gay things like the incredibly on-the-nose "If Asians Said Stuff White People Say" concept.

Eugene Lee Yang came out to the world through an emotional, visually stunning music video. I always assumed that my otherness was a curse — that I would be held back by my Asian and queer identities. Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter.

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Create an Account. That said, the divorce still didn't erase an entire childhood of having rigid gender binaries and the notion of filial piety ingrained within him. And as one of the first Asian faces in casts of non-Asians, I had to beat everybody.

For his part, Yang isn't as cynical as me about the identity-focused shift that occurred during this time, though he does admit that it is a very real issue he hopes dissipates in the next 10 years or so. For me, I feel as though this video can speak out to anyone who feels alone, or feels disgusted for trying Eugene Lee Yang Is Making the Internet More Gay be who they are, especially when family or close people around you try to state otherwise.

Jan 24,

  • The dark, deeply personal video is Yang's coming-out moment. We see Yang being rejected by his family, condemned by a preacher, and attacked by a hostile mob after attempting to express himself as a gay man.
  • All American Speakers Bureau ranked on the Inc. New user?
  • Eugene Lee Yang never thought his "I'm Gay" video would do well.
  • No words, no blissful chords from a singer, just pure cinematography magic and yet, the video spoke volumes.
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In , he started working for the video branch of the internet media company, BuzzFeed , [1] at the recommendation of a colleague who saw his potential in creating short format videos. Two days later, Yang released an accompanying video documenting the creation of the video, his feelings, and his thoughts surrounding his coming out process.

But it's also something he believes is necessary for his growth — not just as a person, but as an artist as well. For those unfamiliar with Yang, the year-old internet personality initially shot to fame as one of The Try Guys — a group of BuzzFeed video employees whose goal was, simply put, to try out new things that would normally be considered outside of the straight, male comfort zone.

Eugene Lee Yang Is Making the Internet More Gay

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